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 Tuesday, 25 October 2016
Welcome to MedArmPro Inc.

Have you ever said, "I could use another right ARM" or
"If I could just find the right Accounts Receivable Management staff for my practice
.........things would be much smoother?"

"The Right ARM Every Practice Needs"

Professionals dedicated and specialized in medical accounts receivable management services. We provide effective A/R solutions to the most complex reimbursement problems medical practices face today. Our goal is to provide practices with the necessary resource tools to improve operations and cash flow, control A/R, and assist with HIPAA compliance to ensure future viability. Our services and the combined experience of our highly skilled staff will improve your bottom line with consistent A/R followup and successful appeals.

The Problem  

  • Are prompt and accurate claim payments becoming increasingly difficult to manage?

  • More time, income, and resources spent pursuing payment for services already rendered than on patient care?

  • Is your cost to recover unpaid claims greater than the actual rate of return?

  • Is your percentage of bad debt high?

  • Reimbursements going down because of too many:

  • Claim - Rejections

    According to HCFA, claim rejections occur 38% of the time for incorrect coding, losing an average practice $50,000 a year. Missing modifiers occur 28% of the time. CPT bundling/unbundling, accurate diagnosis coding, and untimely appeals are in the top 5 claim rejection reasons.

The Solution  

  • MedArmPro Inc, is committed to respond to your needs by fighting for your money with reluctant payers in a timely and professional manner.

  • Let MedArmPro Inc, reduce your overall business worries and stress. Rely on highly knowledgeable, experienced professionals that dedicate their time and resources to pursue on behalf of physicians and their staff.

  • MedArmPro Inc, ensures your receivables don't sit unnecessarily long. The more it costs you, the less chance there is to collect it, thus the more it costs us.

  • MedArmPro Inc. will manage your receivables to stay within the acceptable national average bad debt range of 2-7%.

  • MedArmPro Inc. will provide you the tools to ensure:

  • Fast - Accurate - Results

    We provide HIGH QUALITY SOLUTIONS at REASONABLE COSTS. MedArmPro Inc. is the right ARM your practice needs for every day medical billing problems. Saving you time to focus on practicing medicine and not paperwork, and working to get you paid accurately and on time! Beyond our initial assessment, MedArmPro Inc. regularly monitors your practice's health and offers strategic planning to support your achievement of long-term goals and continued success.

"OCTOBER 1, 2015" Have you begun ICD10
Implementation & Training?  
Think you are ready?

Please visit these sites to educate yourself on the timelines to be compliant with the upcoming changes throughout the healthcare industry in business and computer systems.




"Don't wait to prepare your physicians, your staff, and your computer software vendors!"

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