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NJ2DG Central Jersey Digital Group

NJ2DG Repeaters On the Air

Icom D-Star 1284.000 A (-12 MHz)   DV Link to REF020D / XLX020D

Icom D-Star 1250.500 A  Simplex   DD

Icom D-Star 441.650   B (+5 Mhz)    DV Link to REF020A / XLX020A

Icom D-Star 145.140   C (-600 KHz)  DV Link to REF020D / XLX020D

D-Star Repeaters, Nodes and DV Dongle users currently connected to Reflector 20 click here

The NJ2DG Central Jersey Digital Group was formed in 2006 by four amateur radio operators with the vision of experimenting and growing the amateur radio hobby. Our repeater systems resides on a commercial tower site located above the town of Martinsville, New Jersey.

NJ2DG D-Star Stack Top to Bottom

Empty Mounting Tray

ID-RP2D 1.2 GHz DD


Angle Linear 440 Preamp Assembly

ID-RP2C Controller

ID-RP-4000V 440 DV

Astron RM-60M Power Supply

ID-RP-2000V 2M DV

Gateway Computer

VHF Duplexer in Brown Cabinet

If you can help out with a contribution to the NJ2DG Central Jersey Digital Group please contact Randy WA2RMZ at the email address below. We are currently working on system upgrades and all contributions will be graciously accepted.

Randy Gutentag WA2RMZ Trustee for NJ2DG Icom D-Star and Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters FusionsSystems

Central Jersey Digital Group

Contact Randy at : wa2rmz@arrl.net


NJ2DG Sister DMR Motorola Repeater K1DO 447.075 Color Code 1 (TS1/TG 31340 Link to REF020D / XLX020D 10 minute timer)

Yaesu System Fusion 441.400 DPL 054 YSF Mode RX/TX:  AMS/AMS DGID:50 Link to REF020D / XLX020D

NJ2DG provides administration assistance for the W2DGL Icom D-star 146.445 repeater and W2DGL Yaesu System Fusion 445.525 Dpl 054 repeater as well as the K2DIG Icom D-Star 445.275 repeater.