Basic Programming
Gateway Programming
D-Star User Tips
145.140 Coverage Plot
441.650 Coverage Plot
1284.000 Coverage Plot
Local D-Star Systems
Local D-Star Systems Map
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NJ2DG Central Jersey Digital Group

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Icom D-Star Product Line


Yahoo Groups

NJNYDstar: New Jersey/New York D-Star Users

dstar_digital: An international discussion group just for D-STAR Digital Amateur Radio.

gmsk_dv_node  D-STAR GMSK Simplex Nodes and Repeaters

This Group is dedicated to the discussion of GMSK modems and related software used to establish D-STAR simplex nodes and full duplex repeaters.

D-Star Repeater Directory http://www.dstarusers.org/repeaters.php

D-Star Last Heard Report http://www.dstarusers.org/dstar.php

D-Star Repeaters in Japan




Building a D-Star Compatible Hotspot

Converting a D-Star Hotspot to a Full Duplex Repeater

Doing a "Slim" install of Windows XP

N2KTO Hot Spot World Wide Map

World Wide Hot Spot Map

dplus Last Heard Report http://www.nj6n.com

D-Star Info

Yaesu System Fusion Product Line


RepeaterBook https://www.repeaterbook.com

DMR-MARC http://www.dmr-marc.net

DCI http://www.trbo.org

NJTRBO Netwatch http://netwatch.n2jti.net

DCI Netwatch http://www.trbo.org

Xreflector and Others http://xreflector.net/neu3

DV Access Point Dongle http://www.dvapdongle.com

DV4mini http://www.helitron.de http://www.g0hwc.com http://wirelesshold.com http://laboenligne.ca Laboenligne Youtube Channel

Yaesu System Fusion: This group is focused on Yaesu System Fusion Digital Voice & Data C4FM / FDMA technology.

Amateur Radio Use of MOTOTRBO: This MOTOTRBO Yahoo Group is dedicated to the Amateur Radio Community, not the Commercial Sector.

    Yaesu System FusionNew Jersey/New York D-Star Users

DVAP Dongle: This group is for discussions of the DV Access Point Dongle.  

DVRPTR_V1: This group is dedicated to the re-introduction and continued long term support of the original amateur radio DVRPTR_V1 board.

VA3XPR http://www.va3xpr.net

Eastern PA WIRES-X Network http://epafusion.homestead.com/EPA_Index.html

Yaesu FT1D APRS Setup https://www.youtube.com

Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club (see System Fusion Repeaters tab). http://www.w2mmd.org

K9EQ’s  Yaesu System Fusion Help http://www.hamoperator.com

WA8KIM’s Yaesu System Fusion WiRES-X Weekly Net Achieves  http://www.wa8kim.com/wiresnet.html

K4USD Netwatch cbridge.k4usd.org:42420/MinimalNetwatch

K4USD http://www.k4usd.org

WR3IRS http://wr3irs.com

NJ TRBO https://www.n2jti.net